QualityHub + InterviewQ


Full-Stack Web Developer

Front-End Stack:

React | React Router | Apollo Client | GraphQL | axios | date-fns | jwt-decode | pusher-js |

Back-End Stack:

Node.js | Express | graphql-yoga | Prisma | Apollo Server | Apollo Federation | bcryptjs | dotenv | jsonwebtoken | Stripe | jest | supertest

Gateway Stack:

Apollo Server | Apollo Gateway | GraphQL


Gig economy hub app connecting job seekers with career coaches in a variety of quality assessment areas


9-person remote cross-functional team with two UX Designers and six other Full-Stack Developers, communicating via Slack and Zoom


  • Iterated features for all aspects of project
  • Implemented Apollo Client state management system for declarative and precise data fetching and caching
  • Implemented Cloudinary technology for Avatar image upload functionality
  • Implemented History and Coach Report pages and functionality on InterviewQ microservice for improved user experience
  • Built landing page for mobile responsiveness
  • Utilized Prisma + GraphQL-Yoga and Apollo Federation and Apollo Gateway to connect and coordinate data from back-end microservices
  • Built out InterviewQ back-end GraphQL API according to data models
  • Employed PostgresQL database using Prisma ORM to store and manage data
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